The company inSilk was founded in February 2009 and currently offers a wide range of silk products.

inSilk - the silk specialist since 2009

Silk is a wonderful, stylish and natural fabric. inSilk offers a wide choice of silk products: from silk underwear to silk bed linen. Do you like natural fabrics or are you a lover of the luxurious and comfortable feeling that silk gives you? Then you have come to the right place at inSilk!

Silk is supple and soft and feels like a second skin. The material can absorb a lot of moisture (up to 40%) without the fabric feeling damp. Due to the isothermal properties of silk, silk feels wonderfully cool on warm days and comfortably warm on cool days. Silk is hypoallergenic and can easily be worn on delicate, sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Once you experience that unique, supple feel of silk against your skin, you'll never want anything else.

Silk bed linen: silk duvet and pillow, silk duvet cover, silk bed sheet and silk pillowcase in different sizes and colors.

Silk Nightwear: Silk nightgowns, silk pajamas and silk bathrobes. Fashionable and comfortable nightwear for HIM and HER.

Silk underwear: silk women's underwear and silk men's underwear, silk lingerie. Elegant and functional.

... and even more silk products like silk scarfs, sleep masks, silk gloves and much more.

Discover the unique properties of silk at inSilk. Ideal as a gift or treat yourself!

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