Privacy statement - GDPR

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

How does inSilk comply with the GDPR?

This is a.o. regulated by using the step-by-step plan of the GDPR Program of AVG Associations. inSilk has completed this step-by-step plan on 25-04-2018. You can find this statement here.

When processes inSilk personal data?

inSilk processes personal data solely for the purpose for which it was obtained, namely the processing of your order. Have you given permission to receive promotions and offers by email? Then we use your email address. We only use your telephone number for service purposes; so we can call you when your address is incorrect, for consultation on the article choice and / or availability of the article you ordered.

Does inSilk pass data to third parties?

As an organization, we declare that we never pass on personal data to other parties with whom we have not entered into a processor's agreement if this is not necessary for carrying out the purposes for which we received them.

Service companies that work for inSilk (for example, for shipping your order) do receive personal data. But these companies do not have permission to use this information differently than for which they have been provided; they may only use them to carry out their work for us or to comply with legal requirements.

What is a processor agreement?

When inSilk uses suppliers for the execution of services that aim to execute the agreement (such as delivery of your order), these must be arranged with an agreement. Usually this is regulated in a so-called "processor agreement".

Which personal data are involved in processing by inSilk?

The personal data we use falls under the category "Customer or supplier". We then use the following personal information: Name, Address, City, (Land) Telephone, e-mail address

Basis / goal: Assignment or contract; in this case your order

Processing: Administration, confirmation, delivery.

Processed by: Department of administration, sales department and purchasing department.

Who has access to personal data at inSilk?

Personal data are only accessible when the inSilk employee has the correct login details.

What are sub-processors?

Sub-processors are external suppliers who enable inSilk to assist with the execution. Consider KPN for hosting / internet services, or the postal service for the delivery of your order.

Does inSilk use subprocessors?

Yes. inSilk uses sub-processors for the hosting of the website and the delivery of the orders.

Which retention period applies to my personal data?

For some data, a fiscal retention obligation applies. This means that the Tax Authorities require us to keep data for a specific period.


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For questions, clarification or the request for access / deletion of your data, please contact us.

Last updated: 05-12-2022

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