Silk Fitted Sheet Nuovo Seta Anthracite
Silk Fitted Sheet Nuovo Seta Anthracite
Silk Fitted Sheet Nuovo Seta Anthracite
Silk Fitted Sheet Nuovo Seta Anthracite

Silk Fitted Sheet Nuovo Seta Anthracite

Silk fitted sheet (satin silk) with elastic all around, made of 100% mulberry silk; the original and best quality silk. For mattresses with a thickness of 15 - 20 cm.

Sleeping on a silk fitted sheet is a unique experience; lying on a soft and smooth silk fitted sheet gives a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Once you have slept on a silk fitted sheet, you say goodbye to cotton once and for all. Try it for yourself!

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100% silk - satin silk

The silk fitted sheets from inSilk are made of 100% mulberry silk and are "woven in satin", creating the fabric "satin silk". The satin weave of the silk fibre provides the flexibility and smoothness of the silk fitted sheet.

Quality and longevity

The quality of the silk fitted sheets from inSilk is 19 "momme". "Momme" is a standard indication of the quality of silk, as for example, the indication "carat" indicates the quality of gold. The momme value is determined by the weight of a certain size of silk fabric. For silk bedding, a momme weight of 12-16 counts as good quality, a momme value of 16-19 means a very high quality (inSilk delivers the 19 momme quality). You are guaranteed to enjoy a silk fitted sheet for a long time; in normal use, it will last a long time.

Silk: moisture absorption and iso-thermal benefits

Silk can absorb a lot of moisture (up to 40%) without the fabric feeling damp. At the same time, the silk quickly releases moisture to the environment; ideal for night sweats! Silk quickly takes on body temperature and also has isothermal properties; this makes it feel lovely cool on hot days and surprisingly warm on cold days. 

In the washing machine?

Yes, your silk fitted sheet can be washed by machine. 

Complete your set

For the ultimate experience of the soft and supple silk bedding, you can complete your set with a silk pillowcase, a silk duvet and/or a silk duvet cover

A silk fitted sheet: your night's sleep has never been so comfortable!

100% Silk - Mulberry silk
Satin weave - Satin silk
19 momme
Mattress thickness
For mattresses with a thickness of 15 - 20 cm
Machine washable
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